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Website Typography

Good website typography sometimes vacates the arena, there are many websites that cannot resist going all-out for the fancy stuff.


Let’s have a look at what makes good typography and why you should assess what you use on your site.

Simple is best, yes?

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Web Design Trends for 2015

Following on from last year, let’s see what’s continuing to be on trend and what’s been dropped.
Web Design Trends for 2015

Last year we wrote about web design trends for 2014 which was posted on Seomers. Revisiting the subject for this year, we are happy to see that some of our favourite features are continuing as great web design trends 2015.

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Top Tips for Logo Design

Sixteen Top Tips for professional logo design

In this article I outline 16 top tips for logo design, 16 key points to remember when working on logo design for yourself or a client. It takes practise to get to grips with creating great logos. Many of these points were covered when I was at college,

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Illustrations for Business

Do you ever get fed up seeing the same old stock images over and over again?

Have you ever spent hours trying to find illustrations for business that matches your clients description?

Or have you found a series of icons or illustrations that answer your client’s brief,

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